How to plan a trek for charity

Planning to do a trek for charity? Then read this first with our advice on how to plan your trek for a phenomenal experience you will never forget, whilst at the same time raising money for a charity you really care about.

First of all you need to decide what kind of trek you want to take on, whether it is in the UK or a far away location, and then get planning and of course raising money!

Treks in the UK may not sound as glamorous as trekking round Africa, scaling a mega mountain or battling through ice. However, the UK has some of the most beautiful scenery around and some of the most challenging terrain out there, so you can push yourself to the limit without leaving the british isles. You could travel up to the wild north of scotland, take on the famous 3 peaks, or trek around a section of our beautiful coast.

The Lake District, Peak District and Pennine way offer some spectacular mountain routes, some of which can of course include more difficult obstacles like rock climbs or even caves (Ensure you only take these on if you are with an expert instructor). Trekking in the UK is obviously a lot more affordable and accessible than going abroad, and so you can probably recruit a bigger group of friends to take on the trek together. You could pack it into a weekend too, especially if the trek is in your local area.

If you want to go further afield, then the world is literally your oyster. There are treks to take in in all countries of the world and many companies offer organised treks on some of the most popular routes. Perhaps you want to take on Mont Blanc, or the Himalayas, or some of the Canadian Rockies. Or maybe you want to trek through a jungle far away from the nearest civilisation. What about the Peruvian Andes or even the Great Wall of China?

New Zealand also has some of the best trekking routes in the world. You’ll need to think about what your budget is, and how long you are able to dedicate to your trip before you decide on which one to take on. If you do go for one of these amazing trekking routes, you are guaranteed to get noticed by fundraisers, and also get yourself the experience of a lifetime when you take it on. Good luck!


How to plan a trek for charity