Walk for Charity

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll know the UK is blessed with thousands of beautiful walks attracting hikers from far and wide.

Walking for charity is a great way to show your support for a local or national cause, and what’s more, you can do them virtually all year round.

With nowhere near as much training required as a more demanding event like a run, they can be a brilliant place to start your sport for charity journey.

Many charities organise their own walks, so click on our calendar to drill down for forthcoming charity walking events to take part in.

Or if you know which charity you want to support already, check their charity page to find out more.

Fancy taking on the organising challenge? Setting up your own walk for charity couldn’t be easier. Plan a short, medium or long route or a one-off walk; set up a walking challenge over a period of weeks or months; get a group together to take it on and raise funds.

Popular choices include the Three Peaks Challenge if you want a tough walking challenge, or a local ramble between two villages (or even two pubs!) on a weekend.

Click on our events calendar to search for upcoming walks.