What it means to raise money for a charity

Every single year a new batch of amazing people decide to take on a charirty challenge and start out on a journey of doing someting amazing and combine it with the selfless act of raising money for charity. So what are charity challenges all about?

There are a number of things to take into consideration before you start. What charity are you going to raise awareness and fundraise for?

Choose a charity that is close to your heart and that you will be able to get really passionate about! What activity are you going to particpate in for your charity? Is there anything that you've wanted to do for a while but never had the motivation or time to do?  

There are so many activities and challenges you can take part in for charity, whether in being a walk, trek, run, cycle, sky dive, bungee jump or triathlon. The choice really us yours and  If you enjoy a challenge there will always be another event just around the corner.

How much can you fundraise? You need to be realistic here as charities depend on the money you raise so be fair to them and yourself. Just remember to ask your charity what they expect you to raise, some events and activities can be quite expensive for the charity, hence fundraising targets can be quite high.

Remember that all charities will be so happy that you want to support, raise awareness and money  for them that they will offer you help and advice on any training and fundraising questios you have.

Make full use of their advice and just enjoy the experience!

What it means to raise money for a charity