Bowel Research UK

Bowel & Cancer Research (reg. no. 1119105) started life back in the 1990s under the title The London Immunotherapy Cancer Centre. It was founded by Professor Norman Williams an eminent colorectal surgeon who remains closely involved with its work today.

Bowel & Cancer Research is a growing national charity which funds medical research, runs awereness campaigns and engages the public in medical research. Our vision is that no-one should die of bowel cancer, have to live with chronic bowel disease or face life with a permanent stoma. In pursuit of this vision, Bowel & Cancer Research runs two programmes: Saving Lives - improving survival rates for bowel cancer sufferers through pioneering research into the spread and behaviour of cancer in humans. Changing Lives - investigating the causes, effects and treatment of other bowel diseases, specifically chronic conditions such as colitis and Crohn`s Disease and through innovations in surgery, improve the quality of life for patients. In particular we aim to eliminate the need for patients to rely upon a stoma."

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