Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism is a registered charity which supports children and adults across the autistic spectrum, from those who are non-verbal with complex learning difficulties, to high achieving university students. Through the provision of our assistance dogs, provided and trained by the charity at no cost to the autistic client, and trained to mitigate the disabling impacts of autism, we are committed to creating partnerships that impact positively on the lives of autistic people and families.
Independence, access to education, the workplace and the community bring joys and riches taken for granted by most. The people we work with experience profound barriers to experiencing their world, but with the help of an assistance dog their potential is finally unlocked in a way that no other support or interventions achieve, providing a lifeline where no comparable help is available.
How you can help It costs £20,000 to change the life of an autistic person by funding their dog from selection to retirement. A donation of £1000 would enable us to provide a training session a week for six months, while £5000 would provide bonding sessions for three autistic people and their dogs for a year.

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