Head2Head Sensory Theatre

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a volunteer-led charity, endeavouring to make theatre accessible to all, and creating work opportunities for disabled young people for 17 years and counting. The traditional theatre can be a sense depriving environment, examples include the audience being covered in darkness while the stage is brightly lit. These contrasts, combined with certain sensory deprivations can in turn heighten other senses leading to over stimulation, an experience alien to many people We dedicate our time to helping all young people with learning difficulties, brain injuries, and sensory impairments allowing them to enjoy, engaging and immersive theatre experiences. Unfortunately, many of our audiences have faced exclusion from such events because of their disabilities. We provide opportunities for them and their families to engage with a wide range of interactive educational shows and workshops tailored to their needs. Head2Head are led by a team of volunteers, based at an old milking barn in Surrey. Here we create meaningful and engaging content for our YouTube channel, spreading accessibility for those who are affected on a sensory level Worldwide. The important work we do can only be undertaken because of the gracious donations made by our supporters. Together, we can be inclusive, supportive, and empowering to the children who need it most. However, we can only do it with your continued support.

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