Kidscan Children's Cancer Research

Kidscan Children's Cancer Research fund vital research to find new and improved treatments for children with cancer.


Currently in the UK, 20% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive because treatment options for childhood cancers are limited.


Of those who do survive, 60% will develop disabilities known as late effects that can impact the rest of their lives. These disabilities can range from hearing loss to heart failure and happen because treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can cause lasting damage to the healthy cells in children's growing bodies. 

By funding research across the UK, we are dedicated to improving survival rates, and reducing late effects by finding kinder treatments for children with cancer. This includes; improving existing treatments and delivery systems, supplementing existing treatments and finding new targeted treatments that only damage cancerous cells. 

Our vision is to create a world where every single child can survive cancer and go to live the long healthy lives they deserve.

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