Living with Reflux

We support families with children who suffer with Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GOR) and Reflux Disease (GORD).

It is suggested that up to 40% of infants suffer with GOR under a year of age - Although it is a normal part of infancy it can make the first year of live for both child and family a terrible experience. These families need support and information as, the impact on the whole family can be extremely distressing.

In contrast GORD is a DISEASE with devastating effects. Causing extreme pain and distress. Some infants/children suffer recurrent pneumonias and chest infections, they may fail to gain weight and in some cases require a feeding tube.

The most important thing we do is offer parent-to-parent support around the country, along side educational resources. Whilst providing education for health care professionals and raising the profile of this condition.  We need people like yourselves to help achieve this.

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