Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a charity based in the UK whose mission is to change pancreatic cancer survival numbers and focus on improving early detection statistics. The charity’s approach is to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer to the public, the medical community and Government, provide education and training on pancreatic cancer to medical professionals and fund research specifically into improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

We aim to improve surivival for pancreatic cancer patients through early diagnoses.

Currently only 10 per cent of the 8,000 or so patients who are diagnosed each year in the UK are eligible for surgery; the only potential for a cure. This is because they are diagnosed with a cancer at a stage which is already too advanced Decades of underfunding of pancreatic cancer means there are not any curative treatments on the horizon and, even if one were found in a laboratory today, it could take at least 10 to 15 years to reach the clinical environment and even longer to benefit patients. As surgery is currently the only potentially curative option for pancreatic cancer patients, we focus on getting more people diagnosed at a stage where surgery is a possibility.

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