Sabre Trust

Sabre is an early years education charity working in Ghana - our Brighter Futures programme is delivered in very close partnership with the Ghana Education Service and National Colleges of Education, and focuses on the twin challenges of teacher capacity and school infrastructure at the kindergarten level (4-6 year olds).

We are building District Model Schools and On-Campus Centres of Excellence, to a design that is child friendly, earthquake resistant, and has a high sustainability rating. The school design has won national awards and the school has been used as a case study in several major international publications.

We have a significant teacher training programme, which supports the pre-service training of kindergarten teachers, by creating networks of Model Practice Classrooms to support high quality practical placements for student teachers. This approach has also gained strong recognition nationally and internationally for the high quality and innovative approach, including being cited as a promising preschool practice in Africa by the World Bank.

We are strongly positioned as an implementing partner to the Ghana Education Service, and are committed to working within the government system to support innovations and quality improvements that can deliver sustained impact at a national scale.

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