The Cares Family

North London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out with one another in Camden and Islington.

Through our Social Clubs and Love Your Neighbour (one-to-one) activities, neighbours share a little extra time, laughter, practical help and human companionship.

Our work tackles the growing problem of isolation and loneliness in our capital city. From film clubs, to baking class, to cultural visits, our activities help improve the resilience, skills and connections of all participants so that old and young can better navigate a rapidly changing modern world.

London, in particular, is a place of social extremes. We know that while older people can have deep roots but few connections, young professionals may have hundreds of connections but few roots. Clearly, older and younger neighbours have much to gain from one another – in friendship, wisdom, humour, personality and play.

We bring people together across social and generational divides for the benefit of all involved. 

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