Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS)

WVS is a UK registered charity providing a sustainable veterinary resource to help animals all over the world, championing animal welfare and treating animals in places where no one else can. 

Founded in 2003 by vet Luke Gamble, the charity works with all species and aims to help not only animal welfare, but also the local communities in which they work. To achieve this we: 

  • Provide medical and financial aid to animal welfare organisations and charities.
  • Provide and co-ordinate volunteers to support the work of animal welfare organisations overseas.
  • Provide veterinary advice and support.
  • Promote and conduct research in all matters relating to animal welfare.

At the moment our projects range from neutering and outreach clinics in Europe to sending teams of vets to help animal charities in the West Indies; caring for monkeys, possums and parrots in Costa Rica to supporting endangered species projects in South Africa. We also run our own educational training courses in Asia. 

In 2010, WVS set up the first of three International Training Centres to help provide integral and direct veterinary resources where they are needed most. On top of all of this, WVS conduct welfare education and conservation operations, rescue and rehabilitate wild animals, and during times of natural disasters and conflict they send out emergency teams to help those in need.

 WVS firmly believe in the ethos of a united profession championing animal welfare worldwide. 

Why? Because every animal matters. 

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