Yes to Life

Living with cancer can present many physical and emotional challenges to both patients and their families. One challenge that they may not have anticipated, though, is the sense of isolation and loneliness you experience at various points during the cancer journey.


Yes to Life was created in 2001, after our Founder, Robin Daly, lost his daughter to cancer in her early twenties. He found that there was a woeful lack of information around treatment options, not to mention support for beneficiaries and their families. In response to this, Yes to Life was born.

Our mission is simple: to treat beneficiaries with the dignity and respect they deserve. We provide judgement-free, impartial emotional support to beneficiaries, survivors and their families to ensure that they live the best lives possible, in spite of their cancer diagnosis.

Our groups and services are organised by cancer survivors, for people living with cancer and/or their families and carers. In fact, almost every member of Yes to Life has had personal experience of cancer.


Over the year 2020 – 2021, 6,500 people benefited from one or more of our services. Over 3000 called or contacted our HelpLine to talk about their cancer diagnosis and to find out more information regarding their cancer treatment options. 60% of them were looking to share their experience and wanted more peer-to-peer support, as they identified themselves as isolated from family and friends and suffering from anxiety after their cancer diagnosis. 98% stated that the Yes to Life Helpline has made a difference to them, 99% said “ I am really satisfied with the response”  and 80% replied “I have found what I was looking for”.

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