Fundraising A to Z

You have chosen your charity, signed up for your charity challenge and now your ready to fundraise and smash your target. We love fundraising and the sport for charity fundraising A to Z has an idea for every person and every occasion.
It's a good idea to pick out several fundraising ideas as it's always qutite hard to know how successful you will be and how much money you will raise from them.


Fundraising A to Z
A - Auction for charity N - Non Uniform/Fancy Dress Days
B - Bets are on O - Online Giving
C - Cake Sale P - Poker Night
D - Dog Walking Q - Quiz Nights
E - Ebay R - Recycle for charity
F - Facebook S - Sponsored Challenges
G - Gift Aid T - Tea and Coffee Mornings
H - Head Shaving U - United We Stand
I - International Theme Nights V - Video and Gaming Nights
J - Jam Night W - World Records
K - Karaoke X - X steps to fundraising success
L - Litter Picking Y - Ying & Yang speed dating
M - Match Giving Z - Zero Hour
Fundraising A to Z