Giving up a bad habit

Everyone has got their vices, whether it is the office sweet tin, a regular glass of wine, a 3pm sugary drink, or a sneaky cigarette or two. If you’re well known for a particular ‘bad habit’, perhaps it’s even one you’ve been struggling to find the motivation to kick, then giving it up to raise money for charity is a great way to collect extra cash and benefit your lifestyle too!

First of all be realistic, pick something that you really want to give up, and set yourself a reasonable time frame. That could be a day, a week or a month it really is up to you; but pick a time frame and stick to it. Work out how much your vice costs you and every time you crave it put the money in a pot. You'll be amazed how much it adds up, espcially over the course of a month

Now you need to communicate what you’re doing and why, this is a critical part because by stating your intentions to others means you’re much more likely to succeed!

Tell friends and family what you’re doing and make sure people know where and how to sponsor you. Make yourself a chart to tick off the days or even seconds you’ve made it without your favourite naughty item, and display it proudly to everyone with a sign on how to donate to support you.

There will be times when you’ll be tempted to cave in, and in this case there’s no need to suffer in silence! Make it clear you’re finding this tough and at those weak moments, if someone chips in to your fund you’ll just have to continue with the abstinence!  The tougher it is, the more people are prepared to give.